Short Films

Stars [Frameworks 2005]

click on image to view extract from the film stars delicious 9 short film

Winner of Best Irish Animation at 2005 Galway Film Fleadh,

‘Stars’ tells the tragic story of Sophie, a young woman who descends into illness due to a fatal neuron disease. Using animation the film constructs a dual reality between our perception and the woman’s altered perception of reality through her synesthetic hallucinations. The film uses the concept of synesthesia (a condition where one sense is confused with another) to explore our inner relationship with the outer world. This allows the film to visualise Sophie’s fears and dreams, eventually leading the viewer into a place where neither life nor death exists.

The film was first shot using live action with actors, the footage edited and used as both the storyboard and animation reference for the film. The style of the film switches from 2D rotoscoped animation to fully rendered CGI to motion graphics in order to reflect the experience of the characters.

‘Stars’ is an emotionally driven film dealing with themes that have traditionally been the subject of live action. The implementation of the actors performances and the animated world add the emotional weight needed to drive such a theme.
It is the first film from Delicious 9 director Eoghan Kidney.

Director: Eoghan Kidney

3d animation: Eoghan Kidney & Paul Madden

Rotoscope & 2d: Eoin Whelehan

VFX: Andy Clarke


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