Del9 + Toys Festival Animation Workshop

July 27, 2007

Toys workshop

Well we’ve been drafted in to do a stop motion animation workshop with The Ark and the IFI on weekend of 28&29 July. We’ll be showing a group of about 12 children the basics of stop motion animation and working with them to create short animated film trailers which we hope to have up on youtube when they’re finished.

Details of festival are here: http://www.ark.ie/programme/event004.html

UPDATE: The two videos created for the toys workshop can be viewed below:

The Modern Wizard of Oz

Spider Camel


Candy PSP+ME launch [2006]

January 24, 2007

We were asked by Richard at Candy (www.candyculture.net) to produce a promo piece of animation for the launch of PSP+ME event in Project Arts Centre, Dublin. Several groups of animators, filmmakers, designers, illustrators and fashion people were also involved and contributes their own pieces of work. The body of work will be available to download from http://www.pspandme.ie soon (apparently). We were given the theme of ‘excitement’ and so devised a very abstract animated short dealing with the subject. No drugs were harmed during the making of this….



May 17, 2006

we created this promo for Luke Viberts single 'I Love Acid'. Its a piece we're really fond of and involved a good few of us colaborating closely on different parts (characters, background, compositing, extra animation, etc) of the video to turn this around in 3 weeks. It got a feature on the Warpvision dvd which we're very proud to be featured alongside Pleix, Chris Cunningham and other well known filmmakers.


Deli who?

May 17, 2006

We are an Irish based animation collective that for the past four years have produced animated music videos, short films, tv spots and other bits and pieces that dont really fit into a category