Music Promos

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Caribou ‘Jacknuggeted’ [leaf label/domino 2003]
director: eoghan kidney
producer: eoghan kidney, andy clarke
andy clarke, paul madden, eoin whelehan, eoghan kidney
andy clarke, paul madden, eoin whelehan,
eoghan kidney
eoghan kidneyboth a music promo and one of ten pieces created as part of the synched visuals we did for caribou’s world tour. this video features ‘unique’ children running around the forest.
Shot using live action 2D flash and 3D composites the video has been described as having a low fi feel about it.

Jacknuggeted has featured on RES mag DVD, Sunday Times CD and screened at galway film fleadh 2003 and at the ICA london. You can buy the DVD Caribou Marino that features all the tour visuals. see the leaf label website for more information

Luke Vibert ‘ I Love Acid’ [warp records]Max Tundra ‘Lysine’ [domino]

Goodtime John ‘For the girls back home’

Daemian Frost ‘Duck Gait Parade’

11 animators, several very long nights and one really bizarre video derived initally from characters created as part of a few nights of drinking and drawing exquisite corpse. director: barry murphy
animation: barry murphy, katya rinaldi, paul madden, eoghan kidney, eoin whelehan, andy clarke, mark flood, ray forkan, ciaran crowley
compositing: barry murphy

The Frames ‘Headlong’

Coldspoon Conspiracy ‘Tesseract’


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