Delography – About Del9

Update ’09:
For those who are curious as to what Del9 are at these days, we’re…

working on animated tv pieces, making music videos and writing scripts, doing VFX for short film and tv, back in college, illustrating books, travelling between italy portugal and ireland, amputating trees, fathering children & animating short films, djing, and not necessarily all together. But our paths do cross, pints get spilled, tall tales get told, and general mayhem kicks off reminding us what a grand aul time we’ve had. And in case you’re interested the following is an old list of the work we have created over the history of Delicious 9. Its short in the grand scheme of things but long enough to make us realise we turned out a shed load of great stuff while we could:

Del0001 Graduate films reel

Del0002 Graduate films postcards

Del0003 Aphex Twin and Rephlex DJs at TBMC [visuals]

Del0004 Roger Doyles ‘Babel’ Diversions [visuals]

Del0005 The Jimmy Cake ‘Hungry Ghosts [music video]

Del0006 Synaesthesia piece

Del0007 The Connect Four Orchestra ‘Beta 1.012’ [music video]

Del0008 The Coldspoon Conspiracy ‘Tesseract’ [music video]

Del0009 Front End Synthetics @ Project Arts Centre [visuals]

Del0010 Spectac ‘Cyborgs in the face of every child’ [music video]

Del0011 Goodtime John ‘Lonely Road’ [music video]

Del0012 Goodtime John ‘For the girls back home’ [music video]

Del0013 Dublin Fringe Festival ‘There Where’ [visuals]

Del0014 WONKY 1 @ Guinness Storehouse [visuals]

Del0015 Pixil by Barry Murphy [interactive installation]

Del0016 Connect Your Own Orchestra [interactive installation]

Del0017 9mm Tshirt print [logo design]

Del0018 FES Superteam Tour @ Connollys of Leip [visuals]

Del0019 The Frames ‘Headlong’ [music video]

Del0020 Heineken Green Energy Festival [visuals]

Del0021 Ambulance ‘Whindie’ [music video]

Del0022 Dead Languages compilation CD sleeve by Barry Murphy [design]

Del0023 Muireann NicAomhlaibh CD sleeve [design layout]

Del0024 Damien Frost ‘Duck Gait Parade’ [music video]

Del0025 Jeff Martin ‘To What End’ [music video]

Del0026 Max Tundra ‘Lysine’ [music video]

Del0027 WONKY 2 @ Guinness Storehouse [visuals]

Del0028 WONKY 2 map [interactive installation]

Del0029 Exquisite Corpse [interactive installation]

Del0030 Boxed Tshirt [logo design]

Del0031 Visitor ‘untitled’

Del0032 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival 2002 [visuals]

Del0033 Connect Four Orchestra album launch [visuals]

Del0034 BT2 in-store [visuals]

Del0035 Front End Synthetics @ Zoo Bar Kilkenny [visuals]

Del0036 Fakearms ‘The 9 Bar’ [visuals and music]

Del0037 RTE ‘Soul Food’ [TV intro sequence]

Del0038 Caribou ‘Jacknuggeted’ [music video/visuals]

Del0039 Creation Warehouse Party [visuals]

Del0040 Del9 website v.3 [design]

Del0041 Caribou ‘Up in Flames’ Tour [visuals]

Del0042 The Ark ‘The day i swapped my dad for two goldfish’ [projection design]

Del0043 Del9 No Disco Special [bumpers and music videos]

Del0044 Digital Hub projection series ‘Surveillance’ [visual installation]

Del0045 Suas brochure [design]

Del0046 Caribou ‘Skunks’ [music video]

Del0047 Spectac ‘Finger Battery’ [music video]

Del0048 MOR Festival [visuals]

Del0049 BLIND @ DEAF ’03 [programming, workshops, visuals]

Del0050 Luke Vibert ‘I Love Acid’ [music video]

Del0051 Mutant Moments TV pilot [animation]

Del0052 Carolling Corcorans @ The Ark, Temple Bar, Dublin [projection design]

Del0053 Del9 2004 DVD [design and dvd authoring]

Del0054 RTE Fame and Fortune [TV intro sequence]

Del0055 Bloomsday @ The Ark [visuals]

Del0056 Daniel Figgis ‘Tamper’ [visuals]

Del0057 IFB Frameworks 2006 ‘Stars’ [short film]

Del0058 Caribou ‘Yeti’ [music video]

Del0059 Caribou ‘The milk of human kindness’ [visuals]

Del0060 Ark Robot Festival

Del0061 Tychonaut ‘Your house from mine’ [music video]

Del0062 Caribou ‘Marino – The Videos’ DVD [design, music videos and visuals]

Del0063 Cinemagic Kuwait Bank [TV advert]

Del0064 Mel Mercier ‘Panarama’ [music video]

Del0065 Darklight Film Festival 06 [TV and viral advert]

Del0066 ‘Branwen’ @ The Project, Dublin [theatre visuals projection design]

Del0067 Tv3 ‘X Factor’ [Channel promo]

Del0068 Rothco/Coca Cola ‘Jerseys’ [TV advert]

Del0069 Hard Working Class Heroes Festival [TV advert]

Del0070 Channel 6 ‘The Loop’ [TV intro sequence]

Del0071 Candy / PSP+ME launch [animated promo]


One comment

  1. Hey guys. Not sure if you’ll getcthis, but I felt I had to get in touch.I’ve just watched the video you made for the song ‘Bees’ by Caribou. It us undoubtedly the most impressing piece of work I’ve ever seen (especially connected to the song too.) well done on all you’ve achieved, you deserve your success, your work is outstanding!

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