Contact Details [updated ’09]

two of delicious 9, Paul and Eoin, are currently located here:

2 Rutland Place
Dublin 1

tel: +353 861734163

email: pauldel9 [at] gmail [dot] com


  1. hi there,
    we stumbled on your luke vibert video which is simply great
    we want to produce a series of short (10 sec) animations for web, based on our toothless guy
    and something for our live sets
    please can you see if our old school set inspires you anything
    and if you feel you can work from mr dancer’s face or faces
    and if yes tell us how we can carry on
    and we need to know if it’s financially reachable for us
    of course 🙂

    all best


  2. hey your short films look really cool. if there are any job vacancies for animators, give us a bell. would like very much to work for your company

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