New RTE work – update

October 12, 2009

Update: We’ve been working on animated inserts for the rte series republic of telly the last couple of months now. 3 x 30second segments per episode have to be completed each week so we’re working at breakneck speed to get them done. A bit daunting at times but its worth the effort if we get some nice pieces out of it.


who would have thunk it, quiet as be damned this summer and then a whole wedge of work pops up to keep us eating microwave meals at our computers til christmas. Its a wonderful complaint to have!

we’re working on some animated segments for a new RTE show that goes on air this winter. A series of unrelated, abstract and bizarre animations to punctuate the show and give the viewer a bit of pause for thought, or “what the fuck was that?”

Its myself and Eoin back working with Colm and Kev from Red Gorilla for another bash at the montrose bandwagon. yeeeeehawr!


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